Towards a Consensus Definition of Early Osteoarthritis

OARSI Young Investigator Pre-Congress Workshop

Date/Time: Thursday, April 30, 2020 - 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM
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Introduction: Call to Action- Progress and Challenges Towards Defining and Intervening in Early OA
Frank Luyten

Early Symptoms That May Indicate OA, and Methods We Can Use to Develop Early OA Classification
Tuhina Neogi

Detecting Early OA:

Novel Risk Factors: Does hip pain in adolescents indicate early OA?
Joanne Kemp

Molecular Biomarkers: Can We Create A Molecular Profile to Predict OA?
Mohit Kapoor

Novel technologies for Early OA and How Machine Learning Can Be Used To Identify Early OA
Valentina Pedoia

Systemic Approach: What functional measures can tell us about early OA?
Deepak Kumar

Can We Use Preclinical Models To Help Define Early Human OA?
Chris Little and Tonia Vincent

Essential Next Steps For Translation To Clinical Applications
David Hunter

The End-Game
Stefan Lohmander


  • Learn about the progress to date on the development of an ‘early OA’ definition

  • Learn about the risk factors, and diagnostic criteria for ‘early OA’

  • Learn what are some of the challenges in developing a definition of early osteoarthritis