James Gallagher, PhD

University of Liverpool

Jim Gallagher holds the Derby Chair of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Liverpool and is President of the Bone Research Society, UK. Jim undertook his PhD with Eric Lawson in Cambridge, where they showed that 1,25(OH)2D3 is necessary and sufficient to cure bone lesions in rachitic rats. His first post-doc was working with Herbie Fleisch on the effects of bisphosphonates on osteoblasts. He returned to the UK to Graham Russell’s lab, where he developed the first system to culture human osteoblasts with Jon Beresford. His group in Liverpool cloned the human P2Y2 receptor and pioneered the investigation of purinergic signalling in bone and skin. In recent years, he has worked with Lakshminarayan Ranganath on the mechanism of arthropathy in the rare genetic disease alkaptonuria and they have identified an effective therapeutic agent (nitisinone). Morphological studies on the severe osteoarticular phenotype in alkaptonuria, in collaboration with Alan Boyde, have revealed new mechanisms of joint destruction that are also observed in more common osteoarthritis.  Jim collaborated with DaisyBeck Productions on the acclaimed Channel 5 documentary “Body Donors”, which won a Royal Television Society Award.